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Cusrom Hyperion 8 PRE GM build 02 untuk Samsung galaxy Young s5360

Infodroiders - beberapa waktu lalu saya pernah share tentang cusrom lain dari samsung galaxy young ini, yakni cusrom jelly blast v3 nah sekarang saya share custom ROM lain yakni Cusrom Hyperion 8 PRE GM build 02 adalah salah satu yang terkenal akan kestabilannya dalam perangkat android. Tnapa memiliki bug yang kadang di miliki beberapa cusrom lain. Tapi itu katanya si karena saya baru beberapa waktu menggunakan custom ROM ini jadi tidak bisa memberikan komentar. Nah buat anda yang ingin mencicipi custom ROm ini monggo silahkan disimak lebih lanjut.

Hyperion 8 PRE GM

Features yang diberikan Hyperion 8 Pre GM build 02

Basic - all custom roms must have

Recompressed APKS
Optimized APK Images
BusyBox and BusyBox run-parts support
Apps2SD enabled

Common - though not working in other roms

15 Toggle Notification Drawer
6 Lockscreens from Gingerbread AOSP/CM with custom app starter and gesture unlock
Status bar Tweaks + TEAM battery bar
4-way Reboot Options
Expanded Power Menu (because themers and mods crash systemUI most of the time, we need other ways of rebooting)

Unique - not all custom roms have

No SMS Bug
No false Android version
No useless features
Least branding (Like creed parts or cod parts or whatever. We don't like that. It's your phone, not ours)


EXT4 File System Support
Swap Support
BaCeM Tweak
UnderVolt Support
Firewall Support (DroidWall Open-Source Project)
Ad-blocking host file

Plus - only Hyperion

Supercharged Hyperion Core v2 with Adrenaline Engine v4.4
Transparent JellyBean user interface
Ear-gasmic sound quality
Integrated Autostart manager, Firewall and Network Unlocker
Modular system structure
System Replacer


Force GPU Rendering - Force use of GPU for 2D rendering
Disable HW overlays - Always use GPU for screen compositing
Allow purging of assets - Purging of bitmap memory assets allows freeing of more RAM when needed (you can now get as low as 85-90mb used RAM)
32bit transparency - Better graphics performance and full transparency support
NOTE:These features may work or do nothing. Most of them are pre-activated and some are integrated since Hyperion 7 GM

Hyperion 8 User Guide
This would be your one-stop reference for Hyperion 8. This is actually a crap for others but for beginners, this would help you a lot.

For now, let me put some optimized settings for this rom

GREEN = Light usage
For very very light usage. You can get as much as 3-4 days of battery life in a single charge
 ORANGE = Mid range usage
For average usage. You can get as much as 1-2 days of battery life in a single charge
 RED = Heavy usage
For heavy usage. You can get a day of battery life in a single charge

Clock Frequency:
MIN: 156 MHz
MAX: 624 MHz
GOV: smartassv2(recommended) or powersave
SIO: noop

Clock Frequency:
MIN: 156 MHz
MAX: 832 MHz
GOV: smartassv2(recommended), ondemand or bcm21553 (samsung default)
SIO: noop

Clock Frequency:
MIN: 312 MHz
MAX: 832 MHz
GOV: smoothass, lionheart, or performance
SIO: noop


Allow purging of asserts = ENABLE to allow freeing of more RAM

Bagi anda yang berminat menggunakan ROM ini silahkan disedot melalui link dibawah ini :

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Cusrom Hyperion 8 bisa dipasang Fasilitas OTA yg ke 3 ngga gan ??
saya takut bootloop

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